Meet our Summer Interns: James

Published on July 28, 2023 | Meet the Team


Welcome to our interview with James, one of our interns at Community Action Partnership of Strafford County this summer of 2023!

We are so grateful to our summer interns for stepping in and helping out CAPSC in a major way this summer. From meal prep for Summer Meals to creating a new program guide for our families to raising money for our upcoming Golf Tournament to entering and analyzing data through our internal software system EmpowOR, our summer interns have had a major impact on CAPSC’s programs and operations.

In these interviews, they share their experiences as college students and young adults entering the professional world through this opportunity with CAPSC. Although they have been involved in some of the same events and programs over the past couple months, they have each been drawn to different areas of the organization based on personal interests. We discuss how these interests have shaped their experiences and what lessons they have learned along the way.

Why did you choose CAPSC for your summer internship?

James: I picked CAPSC for my summer internship because of its established reputation throughout the community. I have lived in Dover for most of my life, and during this time I have heard a lot about CAPSC and the positive impact they continuously make in the lives of Strafford County residents. I knew that I could learn a lot by working for this organization, so I was compelled to join as an intern.

What things have you been involved with at CAPSC this summer?

James: During my brief time working here, I have been a part of many different programs and events. One of the first opportunities in which I was able to represent CAPSC was volunteering at the Greg and the Morning Buzz golf tournament. Not long after, I was involved in a social media takeover in which the interns controlled the social media pages for a week. Additionally, I have participated in a major food distribution, worked heavily with the Dover food pantry, and developed a strong focus on client contact. My favorite event, though, was packaging hundreds of meals for kids at Dover High School as part of our Summer Meals program.

What are your responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

James: During my average day at CAPSC, I have two positions that I could fill, the first of which is at the front desk. During this time, I get to interact with a lot of our clients by helping them with their questions, providing relevant resources, and connecting them to the right departments. Since the front desk is connected to our Dover food pantry, I also give out food to community members in need. The other position I help with is data management. This includes optimizing our database of clients and organizing client applications.

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far, and what have you learned from it?

James: My favorite part about this internship so far is the connection it’s given me to my community. When I work at the front desk, I see people from all different walks of life come through our front doors to reach out for help. This has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the community that I live in because I’ve been introduced to circumstances and struggles that I would usually never see. In this way I have learned a lot from the job; apart from just working in a professional setting, it has allowed me to better understand others and better prepare for my own future.

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CAPSC provides many services dedicated to providing food to families in need.  Through our food pantry, summer meals program, and holiday food basket programs, which are open to the community, our aim is to reduce malnutrition by providing access to nutritious food and supplies to anyone who walks through our doors.

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