Healthy Families America

Through the Healthy Families America Program at CAPSC, we accompany families through the life-changing transition to parenthood, giving the support and teaching the skills needed to make sure every family has the strongest start possible. Our family support services are available for new parents to help with any questions that arise, from prenatal until your child is 3 years old.

Services are free, voluntary, and can be received when and where you need it.

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Strengthens Parent-Child Relationships

Strengthens Parent-Child Relationships

Promotes Healthy Child Development

Promotes Healthy Child Development

Enhances Family Well-being

Enhances Family Well-being

The HFA program is customized to each families’ needs.
We can help you:

  • Prepare to bring your baby home from the hospital

  • Have a healthy pregnancy and delivery

  • Feel confident in parenting

  • Cope with the stress of raising a family

  • Access information to keep your baby healthy and safe

  • Get resources and help

  • Connect with other parents

  • Understand your baby’s emotions, needs, cues and behaviors

  • Understand and identify depression and how to get help

Stories of Support

When Cory’s son Ashton was an infant, she noticed that his cry sounded odd, and that he kept curling up. She checked with her family support specialist, Deidre, who told her to trust her instincts to see a doctor. Shortly after, Ashton got life-saving surgery for intussusception, a complication of the intestines. Cory says the HFA program saved her son’s life, and that Deidre continues to support her and her family.

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