Housing Services

We believe that everyone should have access to stable, safe, and permanent housing. CAPSC provides housing navigation and assistance to individuals and families residing in Strafford County. We strive to ensure that assistance is provided as effectively as possible, and that it is accessible no matter how or where a person begins seeking help.

How Can We Help?

CAPSC assists families who are at risk of eviction or are in need of financial support to maintain stable housing via our funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). Please note that ESG program participation is granted based solely on need, income eligibility and availability.

Financial assistance can include:

  • Moving costs
  • Security deposits
  • Short term rental assistance
  • Unpaid back rent

Additional assistance:

  • Homeless Services
    If you are currently unsheltered, we can help. The CAPSC Homeless Services Program conducts outreach and intervention services to people experiencing homelessness throughout the county. For more information, visit our Homeless Services page.
  • Domestic Violence Housing Support
    We provide assistance with connecting to housing supports for those fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence and are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless. Visit our Domestic Violence Housing Support page for more information.

For assistance with an eviction, contact 603 Legal Aid, which provides free civil legal services to people with unstable incomes at (603) 224-3333.

New Hampshire Emergency Rental Assistance Program
(Updated June 1, 2023)

We understand that the pause on the New Hampshire Emergency Rental Assistance Program has created uncertainty for many in our community. We will do our best to keep you updated on the most current information, so that you can make plans for the future. For timely updates, please continue to check our website and social media, as well as visit the New Hampshire Housing website: https://www.nhhfa.org/emergency-rental-assistance/.

Families who received assistance through NHERAP may be eligible for a one-time benefit through September 30, 2023. If you received assistance through NHERAP and are moving to a new apartment, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance for moving costs, security deposit, and first month’s rent. Please contact us for more information.

New Hampshire Emergency Rental Assistance Program FAQs

We are not accepting any new applications or any new recertifications for the program regardless of the housing emergency. If you have an eviction notice, please contact a housing specialist at [email protected]. Put eviction notice in the subject line.

While everyone’s situation is different, applications submitted before October 21st are in the queue and will be processed in the order it was received. Assistance will be based on funding availability.

If you are currently enrolled in the program, you must apply for recertification every three months. To be considered for future assistance, you must have submitted your recertification information before October 21st. If you submitted your recertification before October 21st, your application is in the queue and will be processed in the order it was received.

If you did not submit your recertification application before October 21st, your assistance will not renew after your current three-month period.

Unfortunately, unless your recertification was submitted prior to October 21st, your rental assistance will end after your current three-month enrollment period. You will need to plan to pay for your rent and utilities once your current three months is up.

CAPSC does not have additional funding to support the ongoing rental assistance for nearly 4,000 households. We strongly encourage you to meet with a CASPC Housing Stability case worker to make a plan or come to a walk-in day at our office to talk about other options.

YES! We have fuel and electric assistance to help with high winter energy bills. Applications and appointments can be found at https://straffordcap.org/fuel-assistance/. Please visit our website, www.straffordcap.org, to view all of our available programs and services. In addition, the local welfare offices are a resource for emergency assistance, as well. CAPSC does have limited funding to help with security deposits and moving costs if you are moving to a new unit with lower rent. Housing Stability case workers are available to help discuss options and make plans.

We encourage you to email us at [email protected] with your specific questions. You can also call our main line at 603-435-2500.