Diaper Distribution Program

Diapers are an expense many young families struggle to afford, yet they are essential for a baby’s health and well-being.  

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County serves as the lead hub agency in New Hampshire for the distribution of free diapers to families in need through various programs and sites covered by the 12 collaborating agencies in the state. Combined, these programs serve just over 2,000 at risk children aged 0-18. 

The NHCAA Diaper Distribution Program raises awareness about the importance of diaper assistance and the impact of diaper insecurity on families.  

Our goal is to provide access to clean and dry diapers for any child who needs them, in order to prevent health issues associated with inadequate diapering.

We encourage families enrolled in any NHCAP or CFSS program to inquire with their local agency. 

Free Diapers Can Change Lives

In addition to providing security for families needing diapers, the CAPSC Diaper Distribution Program addresses additional goals:

  • Promotes hygiene and health: The CAPSC Diaper Distribution Program aims to promote good hygiene practices among low-income families by providing a consistent supply of diapers, reducing the risk of diaper rash and other health issues associated with inadequate diapering. This will be done by one-on-one home visits, diaper distribution and education events, and family resource center visits.
  • Alleviates financial burden: Diapers can be expensive, and for families living in poverty or facing financial hardships, the CAPSC Diaper Distribution Program can help alleviate some of the financial strain by providing this essential baby item for free. Families enrolled in any NHCAP or CFSS program will be categorically eligible for the bank and other wrap-around services.
  • Supports child development: Diaper Distribution Programs contribute to better overall child development and well-being by ensuring children have access to clean diapers, as children are more comfortable and less likely to experience discomfort or distress due to diaper-related issues.
  • Empowers families: The CAPSC Diaper Distribution Program will work with other community resources within the NHCAP and CFSS network, offering families a chance to connect with support networks and services that can help them overcome broader challenges and improve their overall quality of life.
  • Reduces waste and encourages sustainability: The CAPSC Diaper Distribution Program will assist clients in requesting cloth diapers, reducing the environmental impact of disposable diaper waste.

How You Can Help

We welcome and encourage the community to support and contribute to the program.  We accept donations of money and in-kind diaper donations.  For more information on donating diapers to the program, please contact [email protected].