Early Childhood Resource Network

A Shared Service Approach for Early Childhood Professionals

Join us and together we can watch your program thrive!

The Early Childhood Resource Network (ECR Network) provides back-office support and other services that save time, money and strengthen early childhood programs. 

  • Save Time

    The ECR Network will assist you in increasing efficiency through automation. We will guide you in integrating Procare Online’s child care management platform and mobile app, with features like tuition collection, enrollment, parent engagement and more. We will work closely with your organization to ensure a smooth transition.

    Your first 6 months’ Procare Online License is on us – a $500 savings!

  • Access Experts

    The ECR Network will offer resources, guidance, and technical assistance in the following key areas:

    • Business automation and technology, including invoicing and accounts payable
    • Licensing compliance and quality improvement
    • Bookkeeping, budgeting and financial statements
    • Collaboration and partnership, including access to an array of CAPSC services and resources
  • Learn in Community

    Striving to provide a collaborative network for all early childhood professionals, the ECR Network will offer training around pedagogical and business practices.

    Topics covered can include:

    • Tax prep for childhood centers
    • Classroom strategies for language development delays in the age of COVID
    • Kindergarten readiness and screening
    • Business management
    • Interviewing and HR guidance

Join the ECR Network to boost your pathway to quality! Together, we can ensure that all children have access to equitable and high-quality early childhood education.

How to Apply

We are accepting applications for the Early Childhood Resource Network pilot program and invite your organization to join. The first 6 months of your membership is free, and includes a Procare Online license (a $500 value)!

Step 2: Chat with us

We will set up a 20-30 minute call to understand your program’s needs, then send you an application to apply.

Step 3: Get Started

Once accepted, we will immediately begin with Procare Online training, set up and use. Additional resources and support will be delivered, as you identify the need.

The ECR Network is dedicated to remaining up to date on all Early Childhood Education related initiatives and requirements. Partners of the ECR Network will be updated on all ECE quality initiative and compliance changes on state, regional and federal levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ECR Network can assist all early childhood professionals employed by child care centers or programs. This includes administrators, infant/toddler educators, and preschool educators.

No, all early childhood professionals can participate in our training opportunities, regardless of their center’s partnership status with the ECR Network.

ECR Network services are free for the first 6 months, and includes 6 monthly payments for a program’s Procare Online License (Programs are responsible for any applicable merchant fees associated with use of the online payment feature within Procare). Following this initial period, a small monthly fee will be assessed for Network services and programs will become responsible for the Procare Online monthly fee, payable to the vendor.

In order to be eligible for the ECR Network, your child care program must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Be located in Rockingham or Strafford County, New Hampshire
  • Be a licensed child care center, with no more than 100 children enrolled.
  • Have been in business for at least 12 months.
  • Have access to a computer and reliable internet connection*

*If you are interested in partnering with the ECR Network, but do not have access to appropriate technology or internet, please contact us. We may have funding opportunities for you.

Yes. In order to participate in the ECR Network, you must agree to using the Procare Online platform. The ECR Network will assist in fully transferring and integrating Procare Online throughout your center.

Absolutely! The ECR Network’s goal is to assist child care centers in fully integrating Procare Online throughout your center – including parent engagement and curriculum planning. If you find you are not using Procare Online to the fullest capacity and would like direct support in that effort, please fill out the information below and ECR staff will reach out with next steps within 2 business days. Childcare Programs who are utilizing another version of Procare are expected to transfer over to Procare Online. The ECR Network will fully assist in transferring data over from another version.

At the onset, administrators are expected to meet with ECR Network staff weekly. As your comfortability and knowledge expands, these meetings will decrease to bi-weekly then monthly.

Child care programs can onboard with the ECR Network at any time! Fill out the interest form and ECR staff will reach out with next steps within 2 business days.

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Interested in learning more?

Are you an early childhood administrator interested in learning more about a partnership with the ECR Network? Are you an early childhood educator interested in learning about our training forums? Please fill out this interest form and we will reach out to you.