Reducing Barriers for Strafford County Residents through Education, Advocacy, and Partnerships.

Reducing Barriers for Strafford County Residents through Education, Advocacy, and Partnerships.

About Community Action Partnership of
Strafford County

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County is a private nonprofit founded in 1965 with a mission to reduce barriers to help clients improve their economic stability and well-being through education, advocacy, and partnerships.

We work with community, state, and federal partners to assist children, families, low-income, and elderly residents in becoming or remaining financially and socially independent through a variety of coordinated programs. Without the services provided by our agency, many local residents would be without a means to provide for their basic needs, including food, education, child care, utilities assistance, transportation, housing, emergency shelter, and access to other services.

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“The work the agency does has had a stronger impact than I was originally expecting. I have learned so much about the unsheltered and housing insecure population and the importance of a strong support network. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to be at CAPSC and the lessons I have learned about how to listen without judgment. These lessons will stick with me throughout my career.”

“I enjoy working at CAPSC because there are a lot of great people who have helped me succeed in my job. I love being able to help people every day with fuel, electric, and the different programs CAPSC has to offer. I want potential applicants to know that they do not have to be embarrassed about applying for assistance. We have no judgment and will help in any way we can to make it an easy process.”

“I enjoy working at CAPSC, because I am part of a team that builds on culture and embraces what everyone has to offer.

Some of my favorite parts of my daily job are the relationships I have with families, children, and staff. I love watching the impact CAPSC has on the community.

If you are ready to join an exceptional team and are driven to make a difference in the community then CAPSC is for you.”

“I enjoy working in collaboration with other staff here at CAPSC and with other agencies in order to positively impact the lives of those enrolled in our program. CAPSC values a work/life balance and encourages positivity amongst staff.

Working for a non-profit like CAPSC is demanding and rewarding at the same time. You will have the potential to make a positive impact every day, no matter what position you hold in the agency.”

“I enjoy the flexibility, the importance of work/ life balance and how we actually make differences in other’s lives.

It is never the same and particularly for my role, it’s sometimes a puzzle to fix things and I find it rewarding when I do.

If you start in one role, doesn’t mean you have to stay there. You can grow into a position that utilizes your strengths, and CAPSC helps and encourages you to do just that.”

“I enjoy working at CAPSC because we make a positive difference in people’s lives and see it in the faces of the young children we serve.

Some of the favorite parts of my job are: meeting new people, storytime in the park, having a caring team of individuals that share the same passion as you do, to help people and empower them to change their situation.

I would want a potential applicant to know that not only will you help change the lives of people in our community but that it will also change your life.”

Looking to get Involved? How You Can Help CAPSC

How You Can Help CAPSC

If you are looking for ways to give back, please consider getting involved with CAPSC. Our programs rely on community support throughout the year.  Please read on to learn more about ways that you can support CAPSC generally or one of our specific programs. We cannot thank you enough! You are the reason why we are able to provide for so many families in need throughout the year. Thank you!

3 Ways to Take Part

Donate Online

Your contribution goes a long way to help support the community!

Organize a Donation Drive

Would you like to organize a donation drive or coordinate a donation of items for CAPSC? Please visit our “Donate Items” page to view our top five needs by program.

Thank You to Our Partners in the Community

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Ways You Can Make A Difference

At CAPSC, our Mission is our guide. With your help, we can make our Mission a reality for our entire community: to educate, advocate, and assist people in Strafford County to help meet their basic needs and promote self-sufficiency.



Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to provide more meals, housing, transportation and other vital services to our community members in need.

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Your generosity is making a difference. We are grateful for any support from the members of our community.

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We value our volunteers and the many ways in which they contribute to our mission. Their dedication and commitment are essential to our success, and we are grateful for the gift of their time.

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